‘Better Call Saul’ Season 1 Episode 8 – Recap in GIFs

Regular readers of my recaps for SAUL must take me for a schizophrenic. One minute I’m shouting the show’s praises and the next I’m dissing it. Well, this week I’m happy to report it was solid, unlike last week’s rather “dull” episode.

Opening with a humbling flashback we find Jimmy working as a lowly but likable mailman in the officers of HHM. Receiving an ominous envelope he can’t bring himself to open, he grants Kim the honors. She delivers the good news of his success in becoming a qualified lawyer. But Jimmy’s celebratory high is brought down a notch when Hamlin casually rejects the opportunity to practice for HHM.

Visiting a client at Sandpiper Crossing retirement home, Jimmy unearths a startling revelation: that the home is exploiting its residents with fraudulent activity.

Jimmy turns to Chuck to further investigate and he discovers it could potentially land a juicy ‘class action’.

Returning to Sandpiper Crossing, Jimmy immediately arouses suspicion from the staff for sticking his nose into their fraudulent affairs and is told to leave the premises. But Jimmy being the creative provocateur he is, worms his way back in, claiming to need the restroom. Inside he scrawls a ‘demand letter’ to Sam Piper threatening legal action, whilst all incriminating evidence is being shredded in the room next door.

Saul snoops around the garbage bins of Sandpiper Crossing to find his prized shredded evidence. Inside a dumpster, he receives a calmly threatening phone call from Sam Piper countering his claim. Sodden in bin juice, Jimmy comically discovers 2 unsoiled bags outside containing what he’s after.

With the ever-useful aid of Chuck, Jimmy joins the shredded documents and successfully finds the evidence he needs to land a class action.

Whilst babysitting his granddaughter, Mike is asked by cash-strapped Stacey if she can spend the ill-gotten gains of her late husband’s money, to make ends meet. Mike more than approves.

After receiving a fax of the formally shredded documents, Sam Piper, accompanied by two associates, visited Jimmy and Chuck to settle the legal dispute. Piper argues that the allegations hurled at them amount to nothing more than an ‘accounting error’. However, Jimmy is quick to point out that their client accepted an illegal shipment of goods across state lines, rendering it a ‘Rico’ case. To rectify this legal mess, Chuck finally speaks to tell them they must part with a whopping 20 million dollars to settle.

Visiting his trusty veterinarian, Mike inquires about some ‘work’.

Heavily immersed in his work, Chuck wanders outside to retrieve something from Jimmy’s car entirely forgetting his medical condition. When he sees Jimmy and realizes, he is overcome with panic.

An oddly enjoyable episode considering the laden law jargon, but even so, it’s nice to see Jimmy bounce back from his numerous failures – this only adds to his likeability. Another note of interest is the road Mike is taking to provide for his granddaughter – a nice nod to Breaking Bad. I’m schizophrenic.

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