Dom Fenison Net Worth-How Did He Earn His Net Worth

Find out how popular model, entrepreneur and influencer Dom Fenison earned his net worth today. We take a look at all the ways he capitalized to become successful.

Dom Fenison Net Worth
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Welcome to the world of Dom Fenison, a renowned personality whose life story is filled with success and glamour. Here you can find out about his lifestyle, career achievements, net worth, and anything else that has shaped him into who he is today - in 2023!

Who is Dom Fenison?

Dom Fenison is an esteemed American model, Realtor, and musician who works with DT Model Administration. In 2022, his relationship with TV personality Chanel Coast became public knowledge - now the couple has announced their most memorable news yet: they are expecting a child! As well as playing an important role in the organization of Music City Convenience, Dom's connection with singer/TV star Chanel West Coast has seen him gain notoriety amongst fans.

Biography of Dom Fenison

On September 13, 1992, the handsome and charismatic Dom Fenison was born. Now a successful and popular celebrity in Los Angeles, California - he will blow out 31 candles on his cake this year! Standing at 6'2", with green eyes that pop against his brown hair; 87kg of pure muscle demonstrates how well he takes care of himself. There's no doubt that 2023 is destined to be even brighter for Dom Fenison.

Chanel Coast's boyfriend has achieved a monumental milestone, proudly graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business/Management from Western Governors University.

Dom Fenison's Career Path

Dom Fenison is an exceptionally talented and passionate individual. His current role at Music City Accommodations is stated as the "Head of Acquisitions" on his LinkedIn profile, yet this isn't where Dom's skills end - far from it! He has a successful career in real estate and also works with DT Model Management, a Los Angeles-based modeling agency; both endeavors are featured internationally by renowned brands such as Givenchy and Nike. Not long ago, he had an epidermis care corporation with a locale that is now undiscovered. He also briefly released a cosmetics business at one point.

Dom Fenison's real estate journey began at Beverly & Company in Los Angeles, where he worked as an accountant before. Now, with his newly founded company Music City Accommodations located in Nashville, Tennessee he is the founder and oversees all acquisitions.

Does Dom Fenison have a romantic relationship with Chanel West Coast?

Chanel West Coast and boyfriend Dom Fenison
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Despite being unmarried, Dom Fenison is expecting a baby with his beloved partner Chanel West Coast. Curiously enough, he and Chanel are the same age: 34 years old- actor/rapper Dom is three years younger than his glamourous girlfriend.

It was on Instagram, February 2nd, 2022 that Dom and Chanel made their relationship official. After five years of quietly knowing one another in private, they came out as a couple after Dom appeared in the music video for her new single "Vinyl".

How Much Money Does Dom Fenison Have? An Overview of His Net Worth and Salary.

Currently, Dom Fenison's estimated net worth is an impressive $400,000. From 2019 to 2022, he served as a Listing Coordinator for Douglas Elliman Real Estate before returning to his long-term post of Head of Acquisition at Music City Accommodations in September 2021. Later that same year, Dom joined Beverly & Company in Los Angeles and obtained his license as a real estate agent.

According to, real estate agents in Los Angeles are earning an annual salary of $92,231 on average - a figure that Dom, currently working as a bartender and hoping to launch a career in modeling is well aware of. In his sophomore year at college, he first caught the attention of many people; now you can see exactly what impact this has had on Kit Lender's net worth.


Who is the father of Chanel West baby?

-Dom Fenison is the father of Chanel West Coast baby. 

Is Dom Fenison a model?

-Yes, Dom Fenison is a model who has worked with DT Model Management in Los Angeles. He also briefly released a cosmetics business at one point. 

How much does Chanel West Coast make per episode?

-Over the years, Chanel West Coast reportedly earned a whopping $142,000 in salary for every episode of MTV's iconic series Ridiculousness. In addition to bringing home seven figures each year thanks to her appearances on multiple episodes annually, she also became an instantly recognizable figure as she was closely associated with the show that made her wealthy and famous.

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